Press Release

Minting of Belgian coins awarded to the Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt’/Groupe Heylen

The open procedure as regards the minting of the Belgian coins and the distribution of rights of use as regards the coining of Euro coins for the Royal Belgian Mint has resulted in the definite award to the ‘Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt’, owned by the Heylen Group.

The Minister of Finance, Mister Johan Van Overtveldt, says in this regard:

“The decision to stop minting coins has been taken earlier and was a part of the agreement of the federal government. We have managed to efficiently carry out this money-saving process in a very short time. This subcontracting represents a saving of nearly 3 million Euros per year.”

This award is valid for 4 years and concerns the minting of coins for Belgium, the rights of use as regards the coining as well as the distribution and the sale of Belgian commemorative coins.

The tasks of the Royal Belgian Mint have been reduced since January 1st 2018. A former state-owned enterprise, the Royal Belgian Mint has been converted into an administrative service with an autonomous accounting department. The Royal Belgian Mint carries on ensuring the order of circulation coins, the design, the quality control and remains engaged in combating counterfeiting. Representing the Belgian State at the international level also is one of its key tasks.